GM is run by amazing volunteers...

 Just like you!

Established in 2012, Gaming Mommies was created for parents and fun-loving adults, to aid in finding friendships, networking, and just having some fun. We are still kids at heart, and sometimes it is hard to find others like us.. So, this community page of nerdy moms was born! Casual games or hardcore - it doesn't matter. Come join if you would like to talk about balancing being a parent and a nerd. Everyone is welcome, even dads and fur-parents!


Gaming Mommies is non-profit. Any money we happen to receive as donations or artwork purchased, goes straight back into keeping this community going (giveaways, website costs, etc). Our purpose is to help others like yourself, find guilds, gaming buddies, and perhaps life-long friends, while providing a family-friendly environment to game in.


GM hosts weekly events, monthy contests, and giveaways. Pull up a chair and watch some of the volunteers game on Twitch, listen to our (upcoming) podcast, read with us  in our book club, or just chat online with us in Discord (#GamingMommies). We can't wait to meet you in game!

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