Gaming Mommies Community Groups

Did you know GM has tons of mini community groups on Facebook? If you're looking for a specific group of nerdtastic individuals to converse with, we have what you're looking for! Everyone is welcome, but be sure to check out descriptions when joining, as some are women only or PG rated for youngsters. 


If you are interested in a new group for GM, e-mail us! If we can find the volunteers to help run it, we'd be happy to consider more groups to network with. 


Looking to network? As long as posts are not spammy, and content relevent of the group, we allow community members to network their nerdy websites, Twitch runs, and guilds in the groups. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for the giveaways, game nights, and gatherings happening in each group. Meet some new nerds & make some friends!


Ladies Only:

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