ArcheAge: Donkey Run

April 6, 2015

It’s time for our first ArcheAge giveaway! For those that are unfamilar with the game, Gaming Mommies has an active guild in Lucius server, on the Eastern continent Haranya.



Oh boy, we got the goods! A total of 4 Apex will be given away, (two separate prizes of 2 Apex each), aGolden Teardrop Storage Chest, and a Jumbo Home-Sweet-Home plushie.


Two Apex is good for 1 month of patron status, so the two prize winners of Apex will each get a free month of Patron status each! The Golden Teardrop Storage Chest  has 100 slots in the chest, which can be placed in your house. Finally, one of the newest decor items, the Jumbo Home-Sweet-Home plushie, will add just the perfect amount of intimidation to your home.


On Tuesday, April 14th, at 9:00CST/10:00EST we will be having a Donkey Trade-Pack run fromArcum to Solis. The event will be streamed LIVE on Gaming Mommies’ Twitch, so if you can’t make it in-game, come watch this craziness horde of donkey awesome unfold online!



This “race” is a participation event. Due to the overwhelming response, we will be awarding prizes by random draw. BUT, only participants who follow the rules and join in on the entire run may be entered into the drawing.
1. Characters must be wearing a pack and on their donkey for the entire race.
2. Everyone starts at the same time, by the Arcum Iris specialty workbench: HERE.
3. Mirage donkeys and carrot dash are not allowed. 
4. Spells, carriages, carrots on sticks, and casts may be used. (Carrots will not be provided, but feel free to bring.)
5. Only one prize awarded per each person.
6. Feel free to bring any pack you want! 

2 prizes will be awarded to two characters, at random, who make it to the Solis Gold Coins Trader. Each will be awarded Two Apex, (good for 1 month of patron status).
1 prize will be awarded to a third character, at random, who makes it to the Solis Gold Coins Trader.
TWITCH PRIZE: One lucky person in Twitch chat, will be chosen at random to win an adorable Jumbo Home-Sweet-Home plushie.


We hope you, and your donkey, can join us on April 14th at 9:00CST/10:00EST. Don’t forget to watch it LIVE for a chance to win the plush! And, Be sure to join our exclusive ArcheAge group, open to all servers and guilds!




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