Flesh Eaters: Review

September 30, 2015

If you’re anything like me and like killing zombies (or walkers, as I like to call them – special thanks to The Walking Dead!), you’re going to get addicted to this single-player game! Flesh Eaters is a retro style strategy game, where you collect supplies, craft items, and fight to survive. There are 3 game modes to play: Survival, Objective, and Test Lab. Survival is pretty self-explanatory: Survive as long as possible! Objective mode is also pretty easy to figure out: there’s an objective you must complete in order to win, or in this case, escape! Test Lab is basically where you can test out the game – learn the controls, practice different strategies, etc. I highly recommend playing the Test Lab at least once before jumping into Survival or Objective!


You start off with a team of 6, by picking between Soldiers, Medics, and Engineers. Soldiers use range weapons and armor. Medics can heal themselves, others, and even armor. They can heal your soldiers even while the soldiers are being attacked! Just be sure to keep them far enough away so they don’t get eaten! The Engineers can build some neat gadgets and use melee weapons. Each of them can also be upgraded as they level up. You can increase their speed, loot rate, health, etc.




Once you get your team picked out, you’ll actually start the game. I recommend sending everyone to gather supplies and start building barricades on the windows. Hopefully you can at least get some of them built before the zombies start attacking.  Each time you play it is completely random, by the way. Sometimes they’ll attack within a few seconds of the game starting, other times you’ll have a minute or two to gather up some supplies. This definitely keeps it interesting!




I won’t give any more tips or hints on game play – but I will say this: You need to try it! After you do, leave a comment below and let me know how long you survived!  I’m interested to see if you can top my time. 


Personally, I would let my kids play it. My boys are 8 and 11, my daughter is 9. However, some parents might not like their children seeing the small amount of blood & gore. There’s also an area that has some emoticon type references to women’s breasts and hot chicks. So I definitely would not recommend small children seeing and/or playing this game. I’d say a good age group would probably be 13 and up.



As with most new games, there are a couple bugs. Luckily with this one, there aren’t many. One that I found was that when moving one of your team members to a new location, they can sometimes get “stuck” on another person, tables, etc. There’s a simple way around this though – just move them in shorter movements to maneuver around the obstacles. The developers are aware of this and are working to correct it – Yay!

Flesh Eaters is available on Steam for only $1.99 – so what are you waiting for??? Go try it out!



*A copy of this game was provided by the publisher.




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