Running the Gauntlet

February 1, 2016


I am finally getting around to playing all the games I purchased in the Steam Winter Sale. I was 

a huge fan of the original Gauntlet when it was in the arcades, circa 1985. My all-time favorite 

version was Gauntlet Dark Legacy for PS2.




I’m always a sucker for Steam sales. When I saw Gauntlet on sale for under $5.00 (It’s $19.99 

right now), I had to buy it. It has the feel of the older games.  Putting it on the easier setting, I 

was able to let my seven year old play and enjoy it.  I even joined up with a friend online for a 

little co-op action.  


If you enjoyed the original,  I’d definitely recommend picking it up.  It’s a fun dungeon crawler 

that is enjoyable solo or co-op.  You can play any of the classic classes: Warrior, Valkyrie, Elf or 

Wizard, but I paid extra and sprang for the necro.




+ Good Atmosphere

+ Fun Smash and Grab

+ Great Co-Op Play


- Not on Sale Now

- Dark Legacy Was Better


Get Gauntlet Slayer Edition HERE:  




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