Mr. Nibbles Forever

"Mr Nibbles dreams of becoming the first hamster in space. Using unique controls, help him escape from his cage prison then navigate the perilous backyard before blasting off into space. Along the way collect nibbles and avoid spiders in this challenging platformer. Spin the wheel for the chance to win power ups and new outfits with unique graphics, effects and sounds."

I was browsing through Steam, saw this new release, and knew I had to give it a try. At under 3 bucks, there's no reason not to! It plays just like other platform runners, where the character continues to run as you jump and dodge obstacles. What makes this title unique is the adorable story line and funny graphics. Compete for the high score or complete a local challenge. Collect nibbles during the level to spend them at the "mighty wheel." There are tons of hamster costumes to collect, through challenges or by spinning the wheel, including Marty McFly. Collect all the outfits to receive Steam achievements.

+You're a hamster.

+Family friendly. +Cuteness overload. +Crisp graphics. +Tons of cute costumes.

Grab this family friendly game for the PC or the tablet or smart phone. This fun title is 15% off, on Steam, until May 6!

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