Mystery Castle Review

May 14, 2016


While scrolling through Steam, I came across a colorful, retro-inspired puzzle game by Runestone Games. The nostalgic feel to the game is what first caught my eye, but the enjoyable game play is what had me hooked. Mystery Castle stars Monty, a happy purple-hatted wizard who travels through five different castles to save them from evil monsters. 

Each level follows a simple yet effective tactic, avoid the obstacles and collect 5 items to unlock a gate to the next stage. The game contains 180 unique stages, with each stage's puzzles becoming more difficult than the last. You may only be pushing boxes in the beginning, but as you progress will be thrown into stages with new abilities and foes. Later in game, you can even transform to fit through holes in walls! 

Guide Monty through each stage by using the arrow keys and use space bar to interact with items. You will need to think ahead in each level and boss fight, as some of your actions may effect the stage and can not be undone. Because of this, I found myself "restarting" some levels to fix my mistakes. I felt somewhat challenged with this title, which is what makes for a good puzzle game.

This is a great title to grab for the the kiddos, as it will challenge their minds and have them using those all-important critical thinking skills, as they go on an adventure! For beginner gamers, Mystery Castle would be a good puzzle game to introduce the younger ones to. The kids will love the bright colored graphics, fun characters, and have them giggling at the quirky dialogue.


If you are a family who loves puzzle solving and appreciates the the classic reto-look, pick up this title through the Xbox ONE store or play through Steam on the PC. 


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