Slime Rancher: Review

May 22, 2016

Slime Rancher is an open world, first-person simulation game developed by Monomi Park.


The basic concept of this game is to farm adorable slimes and work the land. Care for the animals, grow crops, then feed them to the slime. Do these tasks with the help of your handy Vacpack gun. The Vacpack allows you to suck up slimes and shoot, or deposit, them into corrals on the ranch. The gun can also suck up crops, plorts and water to be shot out in other places as well. Feed the slimes so that they may poop "plorts," which you collect and turn in for cash, money money. Poop is valuable if you want that shiny upgraded Vacpack gun!

Start your first day on an empty ranch, with just your trusty Vac gun and a few pointers. After getting the hang of the gun, start exploring! My first time playing, I instantly thought this is Pokemon meets ghost busters with a "wild west" feel. Oh the wonderful joys of collecting things! As you go exploring out on the plains, you will encounter different kinds of slime and animals. Each slime has a particular personality and a favorite type of food. Catch a new slime to unlock it in the Slimepedia, which works almost like a Pokedex to give you information on that creature. For example, Pink slimes will eat anything to create a plort, but Rock slimes only eat veggies.


Plorts can also be used to create a different breed of slime or Largos, large ones. Try out different combinations to unlock them in the Slimepedia, but be careful that you do not create Tarr... The Tarr are formed when a largo eats a plort unlike the ones it produces, such as a pink tabby largo eating a honey plort.

Within the second day, I accidentally created Tarr and ruined my entire ranch. Tarr can destroy all your animals and slime if you do not have fresh water on hand. Be sure and read the info on each slime so that you know their temperaments and how to avoid chaos. Some are extremely playful and have a higher probability of jumping out of corrals. (With Largos on the ranch, you don't want randoms pooping their plorts anywhere they want).

Even though the Tarr are horrid and make you want to slap yo momma, I really enjoyed the challenge! The possibility of the creation of Tarr will keep you on your toes, and without them, the game would be just too easy to master. 


The adventuring and collecting aspect to the game makes for a quick addiction to this title. For only being in Early Access, it is extremely polished, with excellent handling and game play. The bright graphics and playful characters makes it fun for the entire family. So, grab the kiddos. They will be pro ranchers and collecting slimes in no time!










+Bright, fun graphics.

+Shooting slimes is oddly satisfying.

+So much collecting!!

+Family-friendly and perfect for kids.

+High replay value.

+Lots of fun achievements on Steam.

+You sell poop for money.

+Insanely cute.









-Lots of walking and running. (You are able to unlock items later, which help with your speed.)

-Bag fills up fast, which leads to a lot of back and forth trips to your ranch. (There also are upgrades to  help with this as well.)


                                                 Pick up this game NOW on Steam!






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