Plantera: A Vulgar Display of Flower

January 30, 2016

I woke up this morning, in need of a casual fun game to pass some time, and came across Plantera on Steam. Plantera is a casual indie game, developed by VaragtP, where you build your own garden full of trees, bushes, and farm animals that poop out items that earn you gold. 

In the beginning, you start out with a small piece of land, and a few butterflies to squish. The more crops you harvest, the more money you receive. As you harvest, you will level up and be able to buy more land, gold producing animals, and upgrades. Blue, emotionless blob-men come out of the woodworks to start helping you as you need it. The more your garden grows, the more help you will recieve. 

Garden enemies, such as foxes, black birds, and rabbits, will randomly appear to try and steal your crops! You can punch them in the face to get rid of them, or hire a few gaurd dogs to help watch the place. Need to step away from the pc for awhile? No worries. One of the cool upgrades allows your blue workers to take over in your absence, after you log off. There are no microtransactions in this game, so all upgrades are achievable. 



+ Catchy music.
+ Bright and happy graphics. 
+ Many animals make "poop" sounds when they drop items. 
+ Satisfying sound when you punch bad animals in the head.

+ Addicting gameplay.
+ Helpers allows you to step away when you need to.                                              

+ Family friendly.

+ Cool steam achievements.

+ Auto saves.







- You can only progress so far - could use more upgrades.

- The helpers come at random. 

- Easily beat. 


If you love casual click games, look no further. At less than $3.00, you can't beat the price. Right now, get it on Steam for 20% off until February 4th. 



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