Pixel Gear: Review

November 26, 2016


Game: Pixel Gear
Developer: Geronimo Geronimo Interactive
Publisher: Oasis Games Limited
Released: 10/29/16
Playstation 4 VR

Written by Jason Potter




The game takes the enjoyment of shooting galleries and Minecraft and mashes them up into 1 great combo. Some of the enemies did remind me of Dragon Quest (aka Dragon Warrior), especially the Golem Boss in stage 3. The game is simple and uses the Playstation Move controller as your in-game gun. The player shoots through Waves of enemies before reaching a Boss Fight in the final one. There are 4 difficult settings, with the last one unlocking after you beat the game in Hard.



There is a very limited tutorial (read a screen that pops up on the Loading Screen), so at first I did not really know there were other buttons available, like RELOAD. When sitting in the VR space, look behind you on the right for good diagram of what all the buttons do. This thing really should have been on one the Loading Screens or at least somewhere more visible in an Options Screen from the Main Menu. Similar, when you are in the Main Menu look left just a bit and see the Difficulty Settings, another option that could have been more visible.


There are 3 Shooting Galleries total, and completing the previous one will unlock the next. Each Gallery feels different, although 90% of the monsters are the same, and each having their own challenges and bonuses. There are also bonus Ghosts that carry some treasure if looking directly at them, as they are invisible unless looked directly at. Angels are similar to Ghosts, but they deduct 2,000 points if you shoot them so watch it!



As you complete a Wave, a treasure box pops open from the last monster causing a timed bonus section with Ghosts and Angels. This is a limited chance to pick up some Upgrade Coins to spend at the end of the Wave. The Upgrades are permanent for the entire level, so the player does not have to worry about holding onto their Coins.



Boss fights can get pretty intense when they get lower on HP as they will start spawning regular monsters at the same time. This can cause very prolonged Boss fights as you find yourself focusing in on the monsters and missing out on the temporarily lit up weak points of the Boss.

As mentioned, the game itself is short, took about an hour to complete all 3 missions in Normal, but it is a great time waster and a cheap entry into the PSVR. It is a recommended purchase if you have the $11 laying around.


Official Trailer



Review Note: The reviewer of this title purchased the title at their own expense. This does not affect the content of the review or its final grade.


The Good:

Shooting feels great.
Replayability is there.
It is cheap on PSN.
The environments are bright and vivid.



The Bad:

The boss fights are a bit tedious and boring.
Needs more levels, there is only 3.
Why is there a Sniper Rifle?
The Menu system is poorly designed.





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