These Candles are Awesome: Check it out Potter Fans

January 11, 2017



My friend Danielle is a blogger for Chip and Co. and she regularly gets sent products to review. When she came across these Harry Potter candles from Dio Candle Company, she sent them over to me. They are sorted according to your house, so I assumed I was going to love Slytherin the best (because we all know Slytherin is the best). It was really a close call because they were all so yummy.  I lit the Griffindor candle this morning since my husband is one and I'm loving how the house is smelling so far. 


I checked her website and even these adorable size candles have a burn time of 11-15 hours. Here's a quick blurb from her website about the candles:


This Harry Potter Hogwarts House Set is perfect for the avid HP fan & book nerds <3 Each set includes 4 candles (as shown in picture) and a printed description of each scent. Spoil yourself or buy this as a gift for a good friend! Scent descriptions are below:

Gryffindor: Courageous and ambitious Gryffindors don’t spend much time indoors. This earthy, warm fragrance embodies their spirit with sultry campfire smoke and spicy cinnamon.

Scent Notes: Campfire + Spells + Cinnamon


Ravenclaw: Dutiful Ravenclaws can be found in the Hogwarts Library during all hours of the night. They'll be studying up on all advanced potions, flying, and of course, Hogwart's Castle's history. Sure it will be a long night, but they have their cups of tea to keep them alert and a study buddy to keep them going. This light fragrance is splendid, with top notes of old books and mid notes of warm tea.

Scent Notes: Hogwart's Library + Cup a Tea


Hufflepuff: Head down to the Hufflepuff Dormitory and you'll pass the Hogwarts Kitchen. The Bakery pumps out buttery sweet aromas all day and the smell of Pumpkin Spice fills the air! The lucky Hufflepuffs wake up every morning to the smell of delicious baked goods, and that is the inspiration for this smells-so-good-wish-you-could-eat-it fragrance! Perfect scent for year-round autumn!

Scent Notes: Hogwart's Kitchen Bakery + Freshly Baked Pies


Slytherin: Located under the Great Lake lies Slytherin Dungeon: a cool, clammy, slightly damp room dimly lit with green lanterns. The air would smell of old tapestries, sophisticated oils and mystery, and that’s exactly what is captured in this original aroma.

Scent Notes: Slytherin Dungeon


I know we have a bunch of Disnerds & Game of Thrones Fans and you'll be happy to know she has candles for those Fandoms as well. 


The HARRY POTTER HOGWARTS HOUSES SET OF 4 | BOOK CANDLES sells for $15.99 and you can find it here, at Dio Candle Company.




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