LEGO Worlds

May 12, 2017

Game: LEGO Worlds
Developer: Traveler Tales Games Ltd.
Publisher: Warner brothers Interactive
Released: 03/07/2017
Console: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC

Written by Jason Potter


Traveler’s Tales has brought us another Lego game, but this time they open it up to feel more like a sandbox game in line with Minecraft. Your character (preset or custom as you unlock more preset pieces) roams around the sizable “Worlds” and is tasked with finding Gold Bricks, as well as identifying and collecting other Lego pieces. Some objects come from doing random NPC quests (even from animals) that can lead into a longer chain that will unlock a Gold Brick, or you will find a random large chest and pop it open for a Gold Brick.

The end goal of the game is to get you 100 Gold Brick option, as this will unlock the largest size Worlds and allow you to create your own World based on what you have Discovered. Of course, there are milestones as you collect Gold Bricks that will expand map size from Tiny to Large, but you want that 100 Unlock as the end of the road.

 This brings me into the Discovering portion of the game. As you roam around the maps, you have the option to collect every single Lego piece in the game through your Discovery Tool, once you discover the object, you pay a price and you can then place that object on a World at any time. The key is that some of them are locked behind a specific NPC Quest before you can unlock it, you get Blueprints out of the large treasure chests, or find and discover Legendary Gold Bricks that are more like a side quest through all the other ones you cycle through.

Through Exploration of the Worlds, you may come up to super-secret Dungeons. These are awesome little pre-made areas where there are tons of coins, Lego pieces to collect, and a major item in a special chest inside of these places. These areas are cool and in co-op it was fin trying to find the Key to open the Chest inside. There is a significant problem with these areas though, framerate. The framerate was clocked at getting as low as 2 FPS and spiking back to normal, only to drop to 5 again. This made it often easy to locate Dungeons above ground because these places are built below the surface completely, and you will chug about when you get near one. Hopefully some updates to the game will eliminate the problem, because they are cool to go through and they take the monotony of just NPC Quest grinding all day.

 The different types of Worlds are all very beautiful in their own ways, you can enjoy the Volcanic isles, the ice cream and candy filled zones, the typical enchanted forest, or even the creepy and Halloween type zones. Each zone has their own pieces in each to collect, and sometimes you just want to put that ice cream cone blueprint down on a volcano because you are trying to open some Pandora box.

There is a Multiplayer option and that is On and Offline co-op, sorry no Team Deathmatch in this game. This is where it can be a lot of fun as Player 2 will be used to Discover stuff in Player 1’s main game using their own money and could be all the way on the other side of the map! I played offline co-op for hours and never got bored of it, but be warned… co-op introduces MASSIVE framerate issues and can also cause multiple crashes while playing.


Official Trailer


Review Note: The reviewer of this title purchased the title at their own expense. This does not affect the content of the review or its final grade. Reviewed for the PS4, but did play on the Xbox One and saw the same issues.

+ Each zone is unique.
+ Finding and riding just about every Lego piece in existence.
+ Dungeons! These are so much fun to do.
+ Exploring and looking for the Legendary blocks.
+ Co-op on/offline experience.


- Gameplay gets repetitive.
- Game Stability.
- Not having a larger online presence.
- Navigating coordinates, wish there was an option to have them always on the screen.
- Buggy Achievement/Trophy as the 1,000,000,000 Stud one is a bit redonkulous and mostly broken.






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