Farpoint Review

May 29, 2017



Game: Farpoint
Developer: Impulse Gear
Publisher: Sony
Released: 05/16/2017
Console: Playstation 4 VR

First Person shooters have always felt the same, especially when going through a Story Mode. Most games shine with their Multiplayer, whether it is the twitchy high-speed reflexed ones or the leveling up and/or dropping loot crates. Farpoint is no different in this aspect, except we enter the realm of full immersion gameplay. With Farpoint’s introduction to the new Gun Controller, the experience is even more immersive, and you do not want to play this game with the Dualshock 4 controller, no matter how much you think it will be better… it isn’t.


With Impulse Gear’s introduction into the gaming world, as well as VR development, they bring the excitement of an FPS to us, and it isn’t that bad at all.


The game has 3 main modes:


Story Mode – We are a pilot of a transport ship with no name other than being called “Pilot”. We are sucked into a wormhole and dropped off on a planet billions of years travel back to Earth. We make our way through the story’s beats and we learn about the 2 scientists that you were supposed to have picked up BEFORE the wormhole collapse, and what they are up to by scanning these holograms sprinkled throughout the game. Like any game, we are tossed into a realm where the enemies start of easy and wind up fighting mechs.

Challenge Mode – It takes snippets of levels from the Story levels and you have a given amount of time to get through checkpoints until you reach the end. All the enemies have a point system and as you combo kills, you get a multiplier on your left wrist that moves up or down as time goes on. The challenge modes do not start off easy for too long, you will have a wave or 2 of enemies and then they just through everything at you, so it is a good idea to have familiarity of the Story Mode levels so you know what to expect level-wise and how to defeat certain enemies.

Co-Op Mode – This is where the game shines and becomes a lot of fun. Like Challenge Mode, there is a point system that goes on while you are killing stuff, but you have Gates and Weapon Swaps during the levels. As the 2-player online experience occurs, you select a level and difficulty and Search for a game. Once you are paired with a random person, or your friend, you start your mission but be aware Friendly Fire is Active. You must both be at the Gates to open it, and while there is no timer to complete Co-Op, you will want to focus on killing enemies and reviving your friend if they go down. The end goal here is to make it to the end of the Co-Op mission with as many points as you can!

With the game’s bundle version ($79.99), the Gun Controller comes with it. It can be used with just about every Gun Wand game out already for PSVR, and it has brought life to some of those I was tired of playing already. It fits comfortably in your hand and has enough buttons to mimic the Dualshock 4, so you aren’t missing anything option-wise from a controller. By default, the game does not have left/right movement, save slight movement when you move the gun Controller in-game, but there is an option in the Settings menu for this and I recommend you set it to “Smooth.” As for the Dualshock 4 controller setup, you can play through the game like this, but it just was not as fun and felt like any other game in VR space that used a controller versus a wand. You lose immersion, and I found myself switching to the gun after about 10 minutes.

Farpoint has excellent Challenge and Co-Op replay value and I am sure I will be playing Co-Op a lot, but once you are done with the game’s story and terrible ending, you won’t touch it again. Well, unless you wanted those few Trophies you may have missed in the process, but the story was very drab and the ending was a great disappointment, so there is that.

I have heard people talk about bland art design, but we are on a rocky planet with lots of rocky surfaces, it is very Mars-like. Once you go through the caverns and the lava is a beautiful purple, there are glowing areas of plantlife, and the night levels with broken ships and technology everywhere. I found it to be a very good experience and I was never bored of looking at the rough outside world, especially with the cool volcano billowing in the distance.


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Review Note: The reviewer of this title purchased the title at their own expense. This does not affect the content of the review or its final grade. Full playthroughs were completed using both the Gun Controller and a standard Dualshock 4 controller. Over 2 hours were spent playing Challenge Mode, and 4 hours in Co-Op.



+ Great entry into FPS experience in VR
+ Co-Op!!

+ Use of Gun Controller, seriously, get this
+ Color pallets, very different when in some of the caverns.


- Story was terrible.
- Both female characters were unlikable.
- Not having a very easy way to reset your gun’s position often causing problems mid-fight
- Lack of unlockables







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