Phoenix Comicon 2017

This year Gaming Mommies went to Phoenix Comicon and, let me tell you, it was a blast! Comicon here in Phoenix is a four day affair with Thursday being most family oriented day. My family went Thursday and Friday with me while I got some much needed Mommy time on Saturday and Sunday. 

We of course all dressed up, except my husband, to hang out at comicon. My husband is a steadfast anti-outfit kind of man. I have tried many many many years and have yet to see him happily and willingly wear a costume. I wont give up though!




I dressed up as Maria from Assassins Creed, this outfit was so fun to make and I did get a few compliments at comicon althought it wasn't HIGHLY recognizable. Super fun to wear and after Con felt wierd to "not" wear a cloak. My kids went as Super girl and a Jedi. 


 As you can see our family had a blast just being ourselves! Comicon had a lot to offer too, plenty of classes that were both enjoyable and sometimes not. The ones that were enjoyable were always super prepared and that seemed to be the deciding factor. Many of the classes or discussions my family wanted to attend were a bit more technical in nature and it seemed that many of those people were unprepared. This may be due to the situation that occurred on Thursday afternoon. 


Thursday afternoon a man entered comicon with several guns and was arrested after making it to the second floor of the building. This was super scary and Phoenix Comicon decided to ban ALL prop weapons. This put quite the dint on a lot of cosplays unfortunately and many people weren't happy with a broad based ban. I am happy that to say that the rest of the con went by without any more danger. Friday morning getting into the con was craziness, my family arrived early since we had (accurately) guessed that the line may be longer but we were totally unprepared to wait 2-3 hours in a line outside in the hot sun, missing our first two classes that we had wanted to attend. This problem was remedied eventually and Saturday and Sunday went by much quicker. 

As most of you know I live streamed A - LOT during comicon and I hope you enjoyed watching them. If you missed out on them and would like to look back on them go ahead and visit the facebook page to find them ( 


This year Phoenix Comicon expanded the top floor to include smaller businesses as well as some fun interactive exhibits. It was so nice to see some little "mom and pop" style shops including tons of artists. It was definitely a nice change from the bottom exhibition hall that always has everything that you usually expect. We did find this adorable "tentacle kitty" for my daughter. (


I did get to go to a panel on Twitch streaming and am looking forward to getting our twitch channel running better than ever! Be sure to join us on twitch if you haven't already @


At the twitch panel I met Rin the Yordle from Rin's arts and Streams. That lady is talented and amazing! It was awesome talking to her and looking at her art (and buying some of course!). 





I was also able to attend a fantastic panel about creating foam armor and weapons (mostly armor since they had the weapon prop ban). The family/friends from Tinker cosplay had so many amazing things with them they had built and shared some really EASY and cheap ways to get good looking, light weight foam armor and weapons. I am looking forward to making my next cosplay with some of the techniques they taught us. (Did you know you can buy the foam for armor from Harbor Freight ?) 


I got to listen to Dick Van Dyke talk about his career and how much he loves what he does, and he even confirmed that he indeed has a role in the new "Mary Poppins" movie coming out next year. I grew up on Dick Van Dyke and it was amazing to hear him and see that he still has it!









 There were so many good cosplays this year and that is ALWAYS my favorite part of comicon. I love seeing the creativity and personality that people bring to these characters.




There were all the video game and anime characters:



































































































Then we had steampunk, ponies, and super heroes/villians:
































































Then of course there was the eyecandy.

















Phoenix Comicon was so much fun and I cant wait until next year. 








Special thanks to: The Vance Family: Bernie, John, Xochitl, and Maddie as well as Kaitrinn, Arianna, and Aaron my super cool teens!



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