Steam Summer Sale... aka What happened to my wallet?

June 23, 2017

As you know, another Summer is upon us. Congratulations for making it around the sun one more time! from June 22nd - July 5th, empty those wallets out and create space on your computer as the Steam Summer Sale is ready to empty those bank accounts! We know some of you have been saving all year for some of the ludicrous deals that occur during this time of year. Do not forget those Badges you earn for participating in the event, as well as making purchases! We will not judge you here! Just remember, that there are a lot of Gaming Mommies Communities here that you can wind up playing with now that you have that newly found loot!


 So grab that wad of cash you have under you pillow, your bed, buried in the backyard in a Mason Jar, and have at it. New deals pop up every day, so make sure you fill up your Wishlist, so you get those announcements... and watch them fluctuate daily! I know I am going to go broke if my wife does not take my Credit Card away from me soon!


 Hit the link for a jump to their Summer Sale page!


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