Tournament of Towers

August 2, 2017

Game: Tournament of Towers

Developer: Iron Hippo Games
Estimated Shipping Date: April 2018
Format: Tabletop


We were contacted by Iron Hippo Games to preview their game Tournament of Towers. As I was going to be heading off to our family reunion, I figured it would be a great opportunity to bring it along. I'm glad I took the gamble and did. I'll let you know what they have to say about their game and then let you know my thoughts. 


"Tournament of Towers is a tabletop game with tower building and card drafting mechanics.It’s quick to learn (~5 minutes), easy to play (~30 minutes per game), and intended to be equally fun for casual family game night or cut-throat adult competitive play. (1-4 players with 1 copy, or combine 2 copies together and play with up to 8 players!)"



Here's the rules so you have an idea of the gameplay: 


"In each round, every player can add a total of seven (7) pieces, colored either grey (stone) or yellow (gold), placed by hand on top of the player’s own foundation piece, or stacked on other pieces already on the foundation or tower.


At the start of each round, each player is dealt seven (7) cards. Next, you will need to Draft Cards: to do so, pick one (1) card that matches a piece you want to place on your tower, then pass the remaining cards to the player on your left. Repeat the process until each player has selected seven (7) cards. 


Next, choose your Build Order from the cards you have chosen. Place each card down one by one, first card on the left to last card on the right.


You must place each piece on your tower in the order you establish. Next, place your Architect Miniature on your tower if you dare to take the chance!


Score points at the end of each round for the tallest tower (3 points), for each gold piece on your tower (1 point), and for your architect figurine on your tower (1 point, must be placed higher than last round!).


After two (2) rounds, the player with the most points and NO fallen pieces – WINS! "


So I broke out the game at the reunion and I had my 8 year old son, my husband, my brother in law and my high school aged nephew playing with me. By the end, everyone was laughing hysterically. This game is definitely suited for all ages. This really is a game that makes you think out of the box. 


It took a few rounds for everyone to get the hang of it but it was given a thumbs up by all.


The adults even kept it until the late hours and converted it into a drinking game which was even funnier.


Great for the whole family

Wonder for incorporating learning with play

Helps with fine motor coordination

I don't have any cons to give you for this game :)


This game is not yet available for purchase but you can click the link below to preorder. 


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