Monster Hunter Worlds

February 9, 2018


Game: Monster Hunter World
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Console: Playstation 4 / Xbox One / PC

Written by Jason Potter


Monster Hunter is a long series of games that have built upon each other in order to give us this beautiful next gen iteration. Monster Hunter World does not require players to have played previous games in the series, and it is very welcoming allowing new players to feel at ease with it. Personally, I have only played Monster Hunter 3, and I did not get far in it as I felt out of my league and the mechanics seemed too clunky for a newbie. This game is just the opposite and it offers a good tutorial and streamlining combat mechanics, and for advanced users they will hit the ground running.


After you get through the game’s introduction and the first mission however, there really are not any major tutorials, unless it is something new that you are required to do to get past the main story mission. There are a lot of questions that pop up that the Loading Tips do not really answer and I struggled trying to make sense of what certain stats meant in relation to the game. This is before I realized that there were Optional Quests you unlock that will teach you how to do some of the mechanics I had questions about. When you progress through the story, look for people that have something to say by looking for the yellow ! on your map. These people have info about the storyline as well as possibly granting you these “Tutorial” Optional Quests. If you want to just chill and play in the map, just walk outside and you will have the game go into Expedition Mode and you can do whatever you want in the area you are playing in. This is a good way to collect materials and track monsters without having to worry about that 50-minute time limit quests have.


The game feels a bit like Phantasy Star Online as you can have groups of 4 people to play missions with and are shooting, looting, and smashing monsters in a very linear map. Just be aware though, the game is an “online game” and you will be connected to the Internet 99% of the time. When you are dropped from the game, mostly do to you being AFK a few minutes, it will run in an Offline Mode. I have not started a game with my Internet down, but all 3 options are Online choices, so you may have to be connected to the Internet to play the game.


After about 30 hours of gameplay I have nearly reached the “end of the story”, as this mid-point is putting the big boy pants on, and you will need to do some grinding to get that gear upgraded, or you could get 1-shotted! The game is gorgeous, and each area you unlock gets even prettier; Coral Highlands is by far my favorite zone. The armor you craft for your character is interesting, some just looked weird and I was glad to dump, but others were brief in my arsenal and I wished they were more end game just because they looked so cool.




There will be content updates available to both purchase and delivered free to you when you buy the game. There are a number of free things available now, but there is also going to be numerous cross-overs planned, and some expiring really soon. For example, there is a Horizon Zero Dawn crossover running now that will allow your Palico to look like one of the mechanical beasts from the game (trust me it looks super sweet). The Aloy armor set and bow will be available starting February 28 until March 5. Unlike other gear, you'll have to wear the entire Aloy set together--you can't just wear the pants or chest alone. There is also a Mega Man crossover that will allow your Palico to look like the Blue Bomber! I am sure more will come during the lifetime of this game


Official Trailer



Review Note: The reviewer of this title purchased the title at their own expense. This does not affect the content of the review or its final grade. The review was done with the PS4, but an hour was also dedicated to the Xbox One version to get any feel differences.


The Good:

+ The gameplay is newbie friendly.
+ The cutscenes, these are masterful.
+ PS4 Pro Compatible
+ Online play is not toxic due to “bubbles” you are in.
+ Joining a squad allows you and your friends easier online servers.
+ Crossover stuff!



The Bad:

- Story is kind of meh, just do it to unlock more zones.
- Tutorials and game explanation need to be easier to find.
- The Hunter Notes should include an in-game image of the creature so it is easier to recognize,


Score: 9.5/10

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