When Moms Know Best

February 9, 2018

It's hard to believe that in just a couple of months we'll be welcoming our 4th child into the world. Where did all that time go? So it's no surprise that when it comes to things such as milestones and what's right and not right with my kiddos, should be second nature to me by now. It's also common knowledge that what works as a great milestone for one child doesn't necessarily work for another child. 


All of my children had different milestone markers for different things. The one that we fight our family pediatrician with the most is talking. Our oldest little girl who is turning 8 in a week, was ahead of the game. She was stringing sentences together by the age of 2 and you'd swear she was closer to five. Our second oldest girl, who is now five, still has a few struggles with words, but that is what is normal for her. 


Our son just turned 2 in December. About 6 months ago his doctor made us set up an appointment with Early Intervention stating he should be saying more than he was. I thought he was fine for where he was at but I went along with it just to play it safe. They came and went, letting me know he was right where he needed to be for his age. I breathed a sigh of relief because I'm fairly sure a part of me was worried their could have been something wrong instead of following my mommy gut. 




Well this morning, for the second time now, Early Intervention returned. We can thank his doctor at his 2 year check up in December for that. By this time I just knew the doctors were wrong but you can't convince a doctor they are wrong. I went over everything I could think of with Early Intervention and they came to the same conclusion as last time. He's perfectly fine for where he's at. He say's words, he can point to things and identify them and he tries to mimic you when you talk to him. 


I learned from Early Intervention that his pediatrician actually expects a 2 year old to know upwards of 50 words!




They told me that is highly unlikely for a typical 2 year old unless they are borderline genius. I'm beginning to think a change of doctors may be in order for my kiddos. This wasn't the first time I knew better for my child and the doctor refused to listen to me. 


About a year or so ago roughly, my son got really sick. He was only 1 at the time. He had trouble breathing, he had a really bad cough, a fever and he was all around miserable. I knew something was wrong. So we set him up a doctors appointment. I explained everything to the doctor, told them my concerns and was told he was fine. Just a little head cold. He'll be okay. No medication needed. Nothing I said could deter them to another decision. 


I knew something else was going on though. Mothers intuition kicked in or something, but I knew this little boy needed help. So we took him the emergency room and to a different doctor. It turned out this little boy was so sick that he was one step away from pneumonia! He needed medications to combat it and a breathing treatment to use at home. Thank goodness for mommy intuition. 


When you become a mom, whether for the first time or the 4th time, you seem to develop mom Super Saiyan powers. And you know what they always say? Mom knows best. 




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