Handling The Season Of Sickness

February 11, 2018

Two of my awesome children are school aged. My oldest is turning 8 and the other one is 5. We know what happens this time of year, especially when you have children that attend school on a daily basis. The months of January typically through March are considered the wonderful seasons of sickness. It’s the time of year to begin watching out for flu symptoms and colds and bronchitis and anything else you can think of.


When you spot so much as one runny nose, panic begins to set in. Why is their nose running? Is it the dry winter air? Allergies? A run of the mill runny nose with no fevers attached? Please just don’t let it be a sickness! Because as parents, we know how sickness goes. First, they send your child home from school. Could be a couple of days at home, could be the rest of the week, could even be a couple of weeks depending on what they caught.




So if you’re in the same boat as I’m in, you now most likely have both school aged children at home sick with your 2-year-old toddler, on top of being about 7 months pregnant and fulfilling your duties as a stay at home mom. Let’s not forget that they most likely got your 2-year-old sick as well and you are probably beginning to feel the signs of coming down with something yourself now.


Now the real fun times begin. As the stay at home mom, you still have to prepare and cook the meals and tidy up around the home and keep up with the millions of other things on your daily to do list. With three sick kids in tow. Most likely puking everywhere and having your toddle deliver you special poo diapers. The toddler’s diapers are bad enough on their own but add on that your 5 and 8-year-old are puking EVERYWHERE!


They are perfectly capable of getting up and running to the bathroom or nearest garbage can to get sick in but for some reason, they just prefer puking on your freshly vacuumed carpets, your nice and clean furniture and their freshly cleaned bed sheets. Every. Single. Time. You cut them some slack because they are after all sick, but inside you are screaming and pulling your hair out by the roots. Why can’t you just go to the bathroom when you feel it coming on????




We’ve all been through this at one time or another. We’ve learned to keep stocked up on pedialyte and Gatorade, toast and crackers and ginger ale. There is no secret to surviving the season of sickness. It’s all a matter of reminding yourself that it’s all only temporary. They won’t be sick forever, even though it feels like it. Keep reminding yourself that you are a good mommy, even when you feel frustrated at cleaning up all the messes and running around doing everything. Even when you feel tired and you feel like the worst mom in the world. Know that we have all been there.


Our kiddos are only little for so long and someday, we will want these days back again. The good and the bad and the ugly. What frustrates us today, we will miss tomorrow. Enjoy them while they are little. Hug them a little closer. Play that game they love for the millionth time even though you hate it. You’ve got this mama.




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