Dissidia NT - Swing and a Miss

February 19, 2018


Game: Dissidia NT
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Console: Playstation 4

Written by Jason Potter


The next iteration of the Final Fantasy mash-up beat-em-up! Dissidia NT brings us a higher quality version of the previous entries in the series, and has some really cool models from all your favorite FF game. It has a ton of unlockables that will keep you playing to earn the gil to buy or unlock through treasure tokens! I mean, there is literally a ton of unlockables, whether you like them or not!

The biggest pull for the game is multiplayer with its 3-v-3 arena match up, stat boards, and semi-easy competitive mode. The single player is mostly a quick set of FMVs with a few gauntlet missions to play through, but it is good to do for the Trophies to unlock and see some pretty damn cool high rez models of your favorite characters.


The combat is fairly smooth and the Tutorials are mostly helpful in teaching you how to maneuver the battle field. I saw “mostly” because there really are times when you wonder, “Am I /really/ ever going to use this?” or the “Okay it told me to do /this/, but there is no way for me to Pause the game and re-look at what I was supposed to do without quitting the Tutorial and redoing the whole thing again. You also get to customize your special moves as you progress in character levels, so you are not stuck with the same 2-3 moves you have at the beginning.


Let’s talk about Unlockables, there really is a lot of cool things to unlock, from new outfits, VO lines, weapons, music, and in-game avatars! Wait, I have to stop you here and talk about these avatars. So You unlock them once, which is cool and all, but instead of leaving the avatars just unlocked you are supposed to unlock the same avatar 3 more times to get the “best image.” That’s right, you unlock it again and again until it maxxes out on the STARS and then it looks like a proverbial “foil card” seen when playing CCGs. This little time sink is pretty bad, like I started working on 1 of the FF series Avatars and it took hours and hours and hours just to unlock one of the FF series that had the fewest, and some of these have a full page of icons. To what goal? No Trophy, that is for sure. So unlock them all 1 time, and do this last as the other unlockables are more useful. The outfits have 2 new versions of the gear, but then have 3 extra paint styles, disappointing, but I will survive.


Let’s talk Single Player and Multiplayer now, beginning with Single Player. There really is not much to the single player portion of the game other than a grid that you use tokens to unlock scenes and then make a few choices that will unlock another tree of FMVs, but occasionally you will run into a gauntlet and that means combat. The combat missions are pretty quick, but the cutscenes are more interesting (sad, I know) as the game’s story is so horrible it hurts. Just a crappy way to pit villains against the heroes of FF series. We do get new characters from 14, 15, and Tactics, but the rest of the roster is super small and several characters were cut from the last version of Dissidia. Check that character list, your character may have been cut, I know mine did… miss you Aerith.


Multiplayer is a disaster and I mean a hot mess. It has numerous connectivity issues, and in some cases you can be waiting almost 7 minutes to start a game! Ya 7…. Minutes….. let that sink into your brain. The game needs a quicker timer, that if you wait over 3-4 minutes it cuts to AI opponents as this is uncalled for. Then, like any other online pvp game, you get the rage quitters and trolls who will do everything they can to make your next 7-minute queue worth the wait. /sarcasm I know the online issues will be repaired soon, but if you limp out of the gate, you are dead in the water as there are plenty other games out there that will take your money.


The game’s combat will eventually run dry and it becomes a chore to want to play after a while. I found myself numerous times just kind of staring at the screen, or literally falling asleep at the wheel, just due to how boring the combat is. It suffers with navigation of character, the aerial distance close-ins help, but I found myself often having to chase someone/AI until I could land 1 single hit before chasing them again. The 3-v-3 arena is a good idea on paper, but I miss a good old 1-v-1 where you force the fight between players instead of having players and AI changing their mind on who they would attack and send you chasing them for 5 minutes.




Official Trailer



Review Note: The reviewer of this title purchased the title at their own expense. This does not affect the content of the review or its final grade.


The Good:

+ New Final Fantasy series characters since Dissidia 012.
+ Seeing high rez models of your fav. Characters.
+ Sheer number of unlockables.
+ Promises of DLC characters coming.


The Bad:

- Story is kind of meh.
- Some unlockables are just there as a time sink.
- Online play struggle-busses its way.
- Numerous cut characters from the previous game. You build up a roster, not create hope of DLC characters later.
- Not really newcomer friendly


Score: 6/10

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