Catlateral Damage

February 28, 2018


Game: Catlateral Damage
Developer: Chris Chung, Fire Hose Games
Publisher: Chris Chung, Fire Hose Games
Console: Playstation 4 / PC

Written by Jason Potter


Sometimes there are just games that you wonder, “Why the hell was this game ever made?” Catlateral Damage is not one of them. The game is pretty much a physics engine with rules…. Rules that mainly include you being a cat.


The game is simple enough, there are 4 missions and 5 different bonus levels. You go through making a mess, searching for high point items, and upgrades to make your cat better… stronger… faster…. Wait…. Anyway, the more you power up your cat, the faster they can swing their paw, jump higher, and run faster.


As you play through the game, you will get Achievement/Trophies/Whatever and completing them will unlock more cats to your arsenal! I found myself doing crazy things trying to get these things from unlocking, and the Collectables menu allows you to review everything you need to unlock more or just check your stats.


As mentioned before there are several bonus levels that are unlocked by finding one of their objects in the level and collecting it before you get in your cardboard box to end a level. My favorite is Pawliday Inn because it contains so many upgrades. Get this level as your first bonus level, and you are set to be maxed out before you get to the 4th main level in Objective Mode!


The game is fun, it is stupid, and it is also VR Compatible! So stuck your VIVE or PSVR on and go to town trashing your human’s home! The VR missions do not have you destroy nearly as many things, just because it is a bit harder to get around and rotating your cat feels like an eternity! So the VR mode can be turn on and off at your whim!


You can find this marvelous title fory cheap, I snagged my copy on the Playstation Store a week ago when it was on sale, but it usually runs around $10. Steam also has it for $10. It is worth the price of entry and I even had my 4 year old son enjoying it, and I enjoyed that more because it was a mess I did not have to pick up later!


Official Trailer


Review Note: The reviewer of this title purchased the title at their own expense. This does not affect the content of the review or its final grade.




The Good:

+ A good time killing game.
+ Good level design.
+ The little mini-games were fun to do.
+ The massive amount of cats you can unlock and their design.
+ Knocking down everything in the Supermarket!

The Bad:

- VR rotation was meh, not intuitive.

- Rather short game time.

- Amusment value does degrade over time.
- Farming mice for the 10 mouse achievement. RNG killed me.
- No level editor or DLC.
- Knocking things onto a bed and having to knock them on the floor again.


Score: 7/10

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