February 28, 2018


Game: Foxus
Developer: Vladimir Maslov
Publisher: Vladimir Maslov
Console: PC

Written by Jason Potter


I buy a lot of games simply because of the main character. I have been watching this game called Foxus for quite some time and it went live for purchase today. How exciting I was as I liked the idea of a relaxing puzzle game and run around pretty cool looking levels. I have been watching the development over the last year or so and was super excited when I received the message that 1.0 was ready to be released.


What I did like is the music and ambient sound effects. They were really good and the composer did a great job giving you that fantasy forest feeling. The birds chirping and sounding like you strolled through a forest is also a nice touch I really like it. The town you run into is also a nice change of design, it looks like an old medieval-fantasy town and that was about it.


The game suffers for not really being ready for release, instead feels more like a Demo than a full-blown game. The story has the main character, a fox, after a Starchaser and you go through different portals to try and catch him. Some of the levels have great looking art, others you are staring at a repetitive pattern waiting to see if it is struggling load, only to see that this is what the level should look like. There are issues with the camera that cause it to get stuck in objects and numerous invisible walls that the camera can get stuck on. The audio needs a sound effects pass, but it has great ambient sounds and the music is kind of melodic, so this confuses me why it only seems half done.


I had issues trying to get my Xbox Controller to work properly as the Input Configuration does not tell you anything about what every button does, and I had to use the keyboard/mouse to even realize there is a run button. There is no in-game Options, so hitting that Escape key brings you back to the Main Menu and Continue just relauches the game. Either way, the controls really need to be reworked to make them more intuitive and up to speed with other games like this.


While I have hopes that maybe the developer will update the game and call this a Beta and do a redo with a 2.0 release, I do not have much faith in it. I really want this game to get fixed as you can see the effort the dev put into creating it, but it is broken out of the gate and it will probably bury the game because of it. I would be willing to revisit the game after a few updates, but we will see where that leads.




Official Trailer

None Available at this time


Review Note: The reviewer of this title purchased the title at their own expense. This does not affect the content of the review or its final grade.


The Good:

+ Good music.
+ Good ambient sound when available.
+ Fox main character!

The Bad:

- Controls
- Configuration Options
- 20-minute play through
- Camera problems
- Easy to fall off the map.


Score: 2/10

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