The Final Countdown

March 6, 2018

Pregnancy has its own set of ups and downs for everyone. No one is the same. This is my fourth and finale pregnancy and I have to say it has also been my easiest one so far. I've reached 31 weeks and I'm left with about 8 weeks left. Less if I go early like I normally do and more if the baby decides to be stubborn and wait a little longer. My due date is set for May 5th but I'm expecting more towards the end of April. Either way, the final countdown has begun for me. 




Each one of my kiddos entered the world in their own unique way. My first was a baby girl. 5lb. 12 oz. 18 1/2 inches long and entered the world at 6:58PM. Her birth came as a complete surprise to us. Being our first child, I had absolutely no idea of what to expect when it came to labor, but it sure wasn't what happened to me. Everyone kept telling me things such as, "Don't worry, you'll know when the time comes." and "You will definitely know when you are in labor!" 


I had NO idea I was in labor with her. I was having a particularly good day. Minimal aches and pains, no morning sickness and I felt like I could run a marathon if I was so inclined! We went to my routine OBGYN check up that day feeling great. When the doctor came in to check me out as she always did, she surprised us by saying we needed to get to the hospital right away because I was ready to deliver a baby! I felt no contractions and no pain whatsoever. I arrived at the hospital, got my epidural, they broke my water and boom! Baby girl in my arms. 




Our second was also a little girl. She arrived at 9:28PM at 5lb. 3oz and 18 inches long. Complete opposite entrance into the world than her sister. With this one, I knew immediately what labor was. There was denying this. It came on gradually throughout the day and intensified and it was relentless. There was no stopping this. I tried distracting myself with cooking dinner and then a hot shower but nothing helped the pain. By the time my husband arrived home I had no doubt it was time to go to the hospital. Having been to the hospital multiple times with false labor, my husband was skeptical. He didn't want to make anymore false trips. I didn't blame him. So he put on a funny movie and told me to try and tune it out with that. 


I could have killed him right then and there, but I gave it a shot. I lasted maybe ten minutes. Its hard to tell because the pain was so bad at this point that time felt never ending to me. Luckily our first child was out at the store with family at the time, so all we had to do was quickly pack some things up and leave for the hospital. Our hospital is almost an hour away from where we live and the ride was excruciating to say the least. I spent most of it squeezing my husbands hand to death and screaming and crying and begging him to go faster. I made it just in time for the epidural and to begin pushing. Her birth was on July 3rd so the next day, she came home to fireworks. It was magical. 




My last pregnancy was finally my little boy. The little boy I never even knew I wanted but now call my little Prince. He entered the world at 10:45AM weighing in at 7lb. 9oz. and 21 inches long. My biggest birth to date and also the most painful and my first all natural birth. I didn't realize I had started early labor. Its so hard to tell between early labor and just false labor for me. My husband and I had also talked and decided to try and avoid as many false labor trips to the hospital as possible because he just couldn't afford to lose much time at work. We have bills to pay and kiddos to feed after all. 


So I became very careful about waiting out any amount of pain I felt. Well this particular morning I woke with my husband. Crack of dawn and he's getting ready for work and I'm working on getting the kiddos breakfast and what not. I had pain but I didn't pay it any mind. I figured it would go away as it usually did. After my husband left for work, it didn't go away. It was gradually getting worse, but the idea of being in labor didn't cross my mind. I tried to lay down for a little bit to see if I could maybe fall asleep and it would be gone. 




It didn't help. After a couple of hours had passed the idea of this being REAL labor finally hit. This wasn't a touch and go stomach ache, these were contractions!!! And now with each one, I could barely speak through them and I was almost screaming and I was in tears. I had our oldest daughter helping me around the house, getting things situated and trying to get everything ready for us to leave. I called my family first so they could get here to watch the girls while I was in the hospital and then I called my husband to let him know it was time and he needed to hurry home as fast as he could. 


I know its an exaggeration now, but at the time I swear I was going to give birth in the car on the way to the hospital. I had never felt the urge to push before because I always had epidurals but I felt it on the car ride there and it was painful. My husband kept telling me not to push. Wait until we get to the hospital. This was by far the longest car ride of my entire life. Looking back, I probably should have just called an ambulance. 




By the time we arrived at the hospital, I was screaming I was in so much pain. I couldn't even take my own clothes off, the nurses had to help me and I had to stop for each contraction making it take forever to get into a hospital gown. When I was finally in the bed and they checked me, I was fully dilated. I had no time to get an epidural. It was too late. It hurt so bad that every time someone touched me, it infuriated me to no ends. I yelled at the nurse to stop touching me. When I moved into a position that eased the pain a little bit for me a nurse would come make me get back where I started because it was routine. I couldn't win. I couldn't even give birth in a way that was at least tolerable for me. 


When the doctor finally came in to have me push, I was experiencing the worst pain of my entire life. I was screaming so bad that it had to have sounded like I was being repeatedly stabbed to death. I was terrified of an all natural birth and it hurt and I had no one helping me get through it. I had nurses reprimanding me about how I was positioned and to get in there approved position for birth and telling me to shush and just push. My doctor spent the entire birth on his cell phone. No words of comfort or advice for a first time natural birth. He was just impatient to get this done so he could leave. To me, it felt as if this baby would never come out. But when he finally did, I was relieved and oh so tired. 




I am completely terrified of how this last birth will go. I am hoping to make it in time for the epidural. I don't think another natural birth would agree with me. Ha ha. I have an extremely low tolerance for pain. So here's to hoping for a smooth, quick and pain free birth! 








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