Unstable Unicorns

April 6, 2018


Game: Unstable Unicorns
Developer: Ramy Badie
Publisher: Unstable Unicorns / Kickstarter
Type: Card Game

Written by Jason Potter


There are a lot of games out there that will catch your eye, some you just have to take a gamble and see what it is about. Unstable Unicorns was one of those games where I just happened to be out and saw it on the shelf. It was after I took the cute box of death home that I did research on this game and found that it was Kickstarted. After sitting with the box for a while, we delved into the game and really found it interesting!



If you played any TCG or CG, you will be familiar with the setup. Shuffle the deck, get dealt a hand, put down cards in front of you, and take out your opponent(s). This game is no different and if you are familiar with games such as Magic: the Gathering, Killer Bunnies, or Fluxx; you are in luck! So what is in the box? You will get 135 cards plus a rule book. There are also a few cards that are like mini instructions that you can hold off to the side for reference.

For a 2-3 player game, the idea is to have 7 unicorns in your Stable. There are Upgrade cards that will give a targeted player cool abilities like being able to play 2 cards every turn, or preventing your unicorns from being destroyed. There are also Downgrade cards that will limit the number of unicorns allowed in your stable, or turning all your unicorns into pandas; you need unicorns to win, not pandas! You will also get the cards that interrupt game play that will act as a Counter Spell. These cards are Neigh and Super Neigh, and always cause laughter when they are tossed out. You will also have "Baby Unicorns" and these have an inverted back (black on white; seen on the left of our draw pile in below images). There are ways to gain these, but mostly in 3+ player games.


Each game will take anywhere from 15-60 minutes depending on what is played. The game says you can play 2-8 players, and you have to go to the website to remove certain cards for 2-player; just unfortunate that this was not included in the game’s instructions. There are also 4 expansion packs you can get for the game that will add a bunch of other crazy things and unicorns for you. I was unable to find any of the expansion packs at the time of this writing due to zero supply at every retailer (on and offline); and even the developer did not have any to sell on their site. Also hope they are able to pump out these regularly, or they released them all too soon.


I also found it helpful that we actually ran into a rule that breaks the game and contacted their customer support for a resolution. It was a good question, even one they did not think of! The support was quick and friendly, good show!



Official Trailer



Review Note: The reviewer purchased the game at their own expense. This does not affect the content of the review or its final grade.


The Good:

+ Cartoony and friendly art.
+ Hilarious flavor text.
+ Easy to pick up and play.
+ Expansion packs already available.

The Bad:

- 2-Player instructions are not included.
- Inability to find expansion packs.
- We broke the game as a few rules are not specific enough.

Score: 9 /10

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