Nine Parchments

May 8, 2018


Game: Nine Parchments
Developer: Frozenbyte
Publisher: Frozenbyte
Console: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

Written by Jason Potter


     Frozenbyte may not be known to many, but they have made numerous other Multiplayer/Co-Op games that have been a lot of fun. Their Twine series of games have been amazing and contains some of the prettiest art pallets around. Nine Parchments almost feels like a story that was pull out of the Twine series. The game’s story is that you are one of the younger mages in the Academy and while you are being reprimanded for casting higher level spells and explosion occurs and the Nine Magical Parchments are whisked away to numerous places in the land. It is your job to go find them and bring them back.


     Gameplay is reminiscent of Diablo with the isometric view, spell casting, and leveling up of abilities. It also has multiplayer both online and offline. The game is good to play Single Player if you are trying to collect some secrets or unlock new characters, but it can be done MP too, just that it can be more hectic! You only have access to 2 characters initially, but that will expand to 7 at the end. You also have cosmetic items like hats, but also staves that you will find that have different properties.


     The levels are your traditional grassy plains, forest, snowy, lava, and cave types. The monsters that appear are the standard, wimpy minions all the way to huge rock guys with giant shields. There will be boss fights that have some sort of technique or pattern you need to learn to defeat them easier.


     The combat is a little different as well as you have one of several elements at your command and they defeat the opposing element easier or are immune to the same. For instance, if you are using a fire spell on a fire enemy it will do nothing, but it will take down an ice enemy quickly. This is also where co-op comes into play as you can use a beamed spell hit another beam spell and make a more powerful attack! This can liquidate enemies quickly, but you have to be good with your aim or you just waste your mana.


     With the multiplayer experience, you will have a lot of fun mixing spells and using tactics to get down the harder monsters a lot faster, but it comes with a hefty price. Friendly Fire. There is no way to shut off the friendly fire option, you can help it by making the damage 50-50 between attacker and other player, but this really can get frustrating as you kill your buddy accidentally, or even yourself with fireball splash damage. More-so when you are the only one alive and you hit a monster and the splash damage you do kills you, resetting the game to the last save. This can get frustrating when playing in Easy with a little one as they do not understand the concept and kill you or themselves a lot.


     The game is fun and it is available on numerous platforms, I personally spent time doing 2-player on the Switch with my 5-year-old. It is a good family game and if you like games such as Diablo, but want something a little less hardcore, it is worth a checking out.



Official Trailer


Review Note: The reviewer of this title received a copy of the Switch version. This does not affect the content of the review or its final grade.


The Good:

+ Good music.
+ Beautiful art.
+ Good mix of Single and Multiplayer.
+ Plenty of unlocks.
+ Family friendly game.

The Bad:

- Friendly Fire. Would be nice to shut off at least in Easy Mode.
- No variation in enemies. All the same, just different “paint styles”
- Quills can be hard to find in certain color palettes.

Score: 7/10


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