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My new favorite app: VRV

June 7, 2018

Cartoon and anime lovers, I have fallen in love with a streaming platform and I wish to share it with you.

 Back in 2016, Ellation (Crunchyroll), announced a new video streaming platform at E3 called VRV. When Crunchyroll spoke about this on their site, I remember thinking to myself "No thanks, I don't need another app," but I have changed my mind. While looking for Bee and Puppycat episodes to watch, I came across it again last month and decided to give it a try. 


VRV brings the best anime, cartoons, geek shows, fantasy, and technology videos into one place. They partner up with a lot of my favorite channels, such as Cartoon Hangover and Funimation. Check out the list: 


You may already use Funimation or Crunchyroll as your anime sources, but I have switched to VRV for anime... and this is why: For one subscription fee, I have the most popular anime shows from both companies. I enjoy watching both dubbed and subbed shows but find it frustrating that Crunchyroll doesn't have an easier system for finding dubbed anime. VRV does! Each anime thumbnail is marked with "dubbed" or "subbed" in the corner for easy browsing. I stream apps to my TV or game systems, and have unsubbed these larger names in the past, due to their wonky interface. With VRV, I have not run into any streaming errors so far. 


The real reason I started my free trial with VRV was for Cartoon Hangover, but all the extra channels have been a bonus. If you haven't checked out their shows like Bravest Warriors or Bee and Puppycat, you are missing out!



VRV monthly subscriptions cost $9.99, but you do not have to pay to watch some of the awesome content. With a sub, you will have a premium account which will allow you to watch exclusive new content with an add free experience. If you don't want to pay, you can still watch over 20,000 hours of free shows with it being updated regularly. Another cool feature is if you already have a paid Crunchyroll account, you can link it to your VRV account and become a premium member for no extra cost. That's pretty cool. 


Go try out VRV for free!








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