New League of Legends Game Mode

September 23, 2018

 Riot games is the developer for the ever popular game League of Legends. They have recently announced a new game mode for the game and it is being called Nexus Blitz. It is said to be the first of a new community driven method of testing possible additional game modes and they are calling it Experimental Modes. 


The gameplay producer Michael "SpaceNorth" Chu, wrote out a board post that explained how these Experimental Modes are different from other timed content such as the Ultra Rapid Fire mode that comes and goes. He states, "With Experimental Modes, we're looking for something that could last awhile-maybe even as a permanent addition to League."


 Michael Chu had a lot to say about the game modes and continued on with, "Experimental Modes are also about testing the waters and getting early community response before delving into additional months of development to get to a final version." Basically in a nutshell, they are looking to test the potential game additions with players before putting a ton of resources and time into a game mode that people might not enjoy. 


Chu says that Nexus Blitz will bring "fresh, exciting moments" as the first of these new Experimental  Modes with an extremely shorter than 15 minute time commitment with it. The newest game mode has a more condensed down map with a lone split lane and a jungle that is meant for two players. It is highly different from the Summoners Rift map for sure. 


There is also going to be a slew of map wide events that is meant to encourage teamwork but also adding in an element of unpredictability. You better work hard so your team can win at the events because then you'll earn rewards that build up your team and give you the best chance at winning. 


The new Nexus Blitz is currently available to play on the Public Beta Environment and Michael Chu has assured us that an alpha on the main servers will begin in a few weeks when the patch 8.16 is released. You will only have a span of 4 weeks to play and its said no invite will be needed to enjoy it. 


Surprisingly this is actually Riot's first public attempt at testing out a new permanent game for League of Legends since Dominion. They have not yet took the leap to jump on the Battle Royale hype train. How many of you are fans of the popular League of Legends game? Are you excited for this new turn of events for the game? I'd love to hear your thoughts!









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