GTA Online For Red Dead Redemption Item

September 28, 2018

 Grand Theft Auto Online is an extremely popular game and it does have its perks! Now if you play and can find the Stone Hatchet melee weapon it will unlock it for use in the new Red Dead Redemption that will be released later this year. 


It won't come too easy however. You must keep your eyes open for incoming text messages from Maude Eccles. She is the one who will set bounty targets for players to collect. You have to complete these to unlock the location for the Stone Hatchet. But that's not all! Once you have collected the melee weapon you can complete a Kills Challenge that will get you $250,000.00 in GTA Online. So you not only get the weapon unlocked for Red Dead Redemption, but you also get GTA money! Wow! Red Dead Redemption will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 26th of this year. 


This un-lockable item works close to the way the Double Action Revolver that players could find in GTA Online last year did. Once Red Dead Redemption is released players who completed the event in GTA Online can log into their Social Club account to unlock both exclusive weapons. 









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