Resident Evil 2 Remake 30 Minute Demo Review*

January 30, 2019


Resident Evil 2 has long been the golden child of the Resident Evil series, it took the action from the mansion, and made it less static set around Racoon City, but keeping the RCPD as a recognisable base. I admittedly am a new wave fan of the series, playing the remake of the original a couple of years ago on the PS4 and absolutely loved it, consequently playing a few of the series. But I had not yet played the 2nd, so we were an excited household when we heard the remake was coming in January 2019 & there would be a 30 minute demo available before the release date.

It felt nostalgic, even to someone relatively new to the franchise. You start off at the RCPD, and the police department is VERY Resident Evil and by all accounts, it’s very true to the original. The 30 minute time limit, after which time, access to the demo was locked out, added an additional stress to an already tense game. The countdown timer paused when the game was on pause, which is good news for me as I am definitely the sort of player that likes to pause every so often when either I’ve been jump scared or if I suspect something is about to go down!


I went through the demo methodically and the graphics are certainly stunning, a really accurate yet modern reimagining of everything we love about Resident Evil. I had heard that it was possible to ‘complete’ the demo so although I was my usual cautious self, exploring each and every room, I also moved with more pace to try and cover as much ground as possible. Resident Evil 2 combines a bit of extra action with the identifiable puzzles, very soon on in the demo I came across a statue with three different patterned holes that clearly required keystones, as well as a couple of doors that required a certain key.


You meet a couple of people along the way, one of which, sadly for them, is in two distinct pieces so doesn’t stick around long, even for an NPC! It’s a cleverly designed demo to give you an overall impression without making it too vast or too difficult to navigate. I made it around 2/3rds of the way through before the time ran out. I was in a locker room, perhaps spending a bit too much time trying to open all possible for the goodies within! I encountered many zombies, and saw the shadow of the infamous licker although I didn’t come across it, probably best for my heart rate. I finished the demo keen to play more, which is perhaps the clever pull of the time limit mechanic. The game was released in the UK on 25th January 2019, and now, less that a week later, I’m trying to avoid too many gameplay spoilers before being able to get my hands on the full game. But safe to say it has the traditional appeal with a very pleasing facelift, and will no doubt remain one of the most popular entries in the popular series.


 *A full game review will follow.  

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