Borderlands 3?!

May 2, 2019

 The Borderlands series has been one of my favorite series since the beginning. I’ll admit they kinda lost me at the pre-sequel but my love for the franchise never diminished and my hope for continuation for the game never died.


I had been hoping for the reveal of Borderlands 3 for YEARS and when they finally did, it did not disappoint me. I was over the moon with joy and jumping around my living room with excitement. I’m fairly certain I screamed out loud at one point…..Yes. I did. I can’t lie. I jumped right out of my seat and yelled with joy. Saving Pandora is after all my one and only calling. I will forever be a Crimson Raider and a Vault Hunter.


Yesterday’s reveal of the long anticipated gameplay was glorious. New baddies, new weapons, new characters, new amazing and glorious everything. And of course it begins with everyone’s favorite robot Claptrap. Who doesn’t love Claptrap!?

 I don’t know what everyone’s favorite weapon types are but I am partial to Tediore because hi, you reload, you throw the gun, they explode. That was amazing to me in Borderlands 2. But in Borderlands 3?!?!? So much more amazing things for Tediore!!!! You reload and the guns literally run around with tiny freaking feet!!! Feet!!! I want a gun with feet! Who doesn’t want a gun with feet? I sure want a gun with feet. And they do so many amazing things. And you can get guns where you can have two weapon types to swap between. Do you want to shoot regular bullets then push a button and switch to grenade launcher? They have a gun for that. Oh you better believe they have all types of variations for that as well. I’m dying for this game. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

 We get a quick look at the basics like the Recharge Station and quickly learn we can now sprint-slide and hop over ledges. We get our weapon after Claptrap not so discreetly blows up a chest for us and we learn some weapons offer multiple firing modes. Ummmm….Yes please!! For instance the Vladof pistol can swap between semi-auto mode or a bunch of “micro-missiles.” Some elementals will also be able to switch between elements they stated.


The livestream showed some other really cool elements as well. Such environmental hazards that can now be impacted by us. Oil can catch fire, burning nearby enemies and water can conduct electricity to nearby foes. We can also revive NPC’s and they can return the favor.


It doesn’t take Amara long to butt heads with Shiv, the leader of the cult. He captures poor Claptrap and forces you into a fight. Gearbox promises bigger bosses (Naturally), and once Shiv is beaten, Lilith appears. She’s looking for a key that will lead to vaults on other worlds. (Could that be the key from Borderlands 2?)

You also got a closer look at Amara’s skill tree which is similar to the other Borderlands games with three branching skill trees and one powerful skill. Each character has one action skill to equip with the exception of Zane who can equip a second by option out of grenades.


Then we get a demonstration of co-op play which is what I will be mainly playing with my hubby. Yes!!! And it is amazing to say the least. Everyone gets their own loot stream and level balancing tools to keep everyone receiving loot at their own levels. Gearbox called this “Loot Instancing”. If you end up not liking this mode, you can turn this option off in the settings and play using the classing setting. Though I think this is amazing to say the least.


The co-op player chose to play as Zane and his character is pretty amazing. He can make a digital copy of himself called a Digiclone and swap places with it at will. He can also create an autonomous Sentinel robot or summon a barrier shield. Interesting things are coming people. Very interesting.

 Now comes the fun part. Guns….Disposable guns….One became a bouncy ball when thrown that hurt enemies on impact and was also sentient, another became a turret and yet another turned a freaking homing rockets!!!!

Now, not going off the gun topic, I promise, but when they went to The Holy Recruitment Center to fight the boss Mouthpiece, who is the head of the Children of the Vaults propaganda operations, his weapon is sound. So when you defeat him you receive a unique gun that shoots sound waves. Its this point you get a short introduction to the Calypso twins Troy and Tyreen, the atagonist to the Pandora story this time around,.


Finally you get to see your home away from home: Sanctuary. It is a ship that goes between planets and serves as your home base. You can put your favorite guns on display, (Tediore anyone?), recover lost loot you may not have been able to grab earlier, visit Moxxi’s bar, open the Gold key chest, chat to Tannis, or do business with various merchants. There is also a trophy room for Sir Hammerlock that has all of your most important kills showcased.


We also got to see a neon city called Promethea that is home to the Atlas Corporation. Now let’s take a look at the launch trailer below.

 You get a new main baddie. Or I should say baddies. Their names are Troy and Tyreen and at least one of them is a known Siren. Possibly both for the little bit we know at the moment. What a page turner that would be!!

But what is up with Troy? He has Eridian like tattoos around his eye that are red. Normally sirens are blue and up until this point all sirens have been female. Perplexing to say the least. But perhaps he has his own strange powers. Regardless you see both of their faces are smeared alongside various phrases marking them as leaders of the “Children of the Vault”. Anyone else see a play on “Children of the Corn” here? No? I’m just old? Okay. Moving along.

 Did anyone else see the scene with Lilith? Yeah? Lots of questions their huh? Me too. So the theories are plentiful. So first off, how many noticed she’s back in her gear from the game that started it all, Borderlands 1? Yep, I loved that. So when we see Lilith it looks like she’s just lost in a fight against Troy and Tyreen. At least we are hoping that’s what happened. To me that’s what it looks like. But to others, not so much.

Theories are abounding that she’s just been beaten in a fight against them while protecting that Eridian relic you see in the video, which is what I am hoping happened. But others are thinking she was also brainwashed and is working with Troy and Tyreen. Some believe after Roland’s death she strayed too far into the darkness. I guess we shall see.


We get to see the Eridian relic at the end of Borderlands 2 and it is portrayed as a map showing us millions of other vaults. People are speculating in Borderlands 3 that it might not be a map, but it could be a Vault Key or could free you from Calypso brainwashing. In the video a hologram pops up leading me to believe that it does indeed still show us where the other vaults are maybe it will act as a key as well. I can’t say for sure as to what it will do for brainwashing but if it was a map at the end of Borderlands 2, wouldn’t it still be a map in 3?

 Let me say this….we finally have female psychos to shoot at!! All that testosterone was getting a bit much on Pandora! But, I’m left to wonder……how do they keep those strapless bras up? Must be tons of tape I guess.


Now picture this….Goliaths…You shoot their heads off and they morph into stronger versions of themselves that race towards you in a murderous rage to destroy you. Now picture that but envision them with long bright pink hair. You heard me correctly. We saw a Goliath with long pink hair! Something about a Goliath with long pink hair racing towards me to rip my face off just feels so right on Pandora!

 Vehicles are getting absolutely crazy! So far we’ve seen vehicles with a digger attachment, a hover car, and a motorbike with built-in guns and a wheel that goes all the way over your head. Cars were never the big attraction and we’re really a big deal so to see them putting more focus on them and making them more useful really adds to the excitement for me.

 Did I mention Claptrap is back? It wouldn’t be Borderlands without Claptrap!! Borderlands 3 is coming September 13th to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. (We’ve pre-ordered ours!) I am so excited!!!

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Borderlands 3?!

May 2, 2019

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May 2, 2019

February 18, 2019

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