Claptrap Actor Not Returning

May 6, 2019

Did anyone else notice during Gearbox’s gameplay reveal that Claptrap sounded a tad differently? Yes? Then you were absolutely correct. The original voice actor for the beloved little robot did not voice him and voiced his thoughts on why that is.


David Eddings was the original voice for Claptrap and took to Twitter on May 2 to answer a fan on why he wasn’t going to be in Borderlands 3. He insisted they weren’t going to pay him for reprising his role as Claptrap. Take a look at his Tweet below.


After doing some digging I found that Gearbox does offer the opportunity for salaried employees to voice characters in the game but is not a mandatory responsibility to their job requirements. Since Eddings was no longer an employee in this case, they offered him an industry standard rate but were unable to reach an agreement. In the end Gearbox decided to go with the new voice of Claptrap, Jim Foronda. They were quoted as saying, “We are confident and happy with Jim Foronda as the voice of Claptrap, and we are confident our fans will be too.”


You may know Jim Foronda from his most popular work, the Dragon Ball franchise, but he has also been on many other Funimation shows. Jim Foronda promises to be the best Clappy he can be. As a die hard fan of Claptrap, I am waiting with bated breath.


Claptrap wasn’t the only change that came with Borderlands 3. Rhys who was originally voiced by actor Troy bBaker will also not be returning. Borderlands 3 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 13. We’ve pre-ordered ours and we’re super excited!! Who else is ready to go vault hunting?!


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